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Ballroom dance is a vast and fun environment.
Exploring all it has to offer can be a memorable experience.
The members of the NYU Ballroom team are happy to have new members join our ever-growing group.
Do not miss out in what can be a great opportunity.

About The Team

August 7th, 2008 (Last modified: August 27th, 2012)

Unlike Club, which focuses on a more social angle, Team focuses on competitive partner dancing. Our ultimate goal is to develop our members into confident individuals who can hold their ground on the competitive dance floor – while at the same time having fun of course! We’ll study mostly the International style dances (see About Ballroom for more information), but in general our members familiarize themselves with many other partner dances.

Weekly team lessons serve as the first introduction to Ballroom and Latin dance for new members and require NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE, although having some experience does help. During each lesson you will switch dance partners multiple times and will have the opportunity to make many friends on the team as you learn the dances. The lessons are more ensemble oriented, and build on the sense of cooperation and team spirit. More importantly, they focus on learning basic steps and technique. The more advanced dancers run dance exercises, review step sequences, and encourage you to develop your own personality and sense of dance.

The team competes at about 9 competitions a year to promote the pride and caliber that we, the students at NYU, have to offer. We are a group in which athleticism, fun, and sportsmanship are the salient characteristics. At these competitions you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and interact with students from various other colleges up and down the East Coast. For more information about these competitions, visit Competitions.

Ballroom dance is a diverse and exciting environment; exploring all it has to offer can be a memorable experience.  Members of the NYU Ballroom Team welcome new members with open arms to anyone that wishes to join our ever-growing team.

Anyone wishing to join the team or gain more information should join our Groupspaces page.  Groupspaces is our main form of communication to team members.

Join us on Facebook

For Newcomers: Sign up for our mailing list through NYUHome and find us in the Lists directory under the alias “osa-ballroom-team” – Newcomers to the NYU Latin/Ballroom Dance Team.

Some team member volunteers having a quick meeting at our own Gotham City Dancesport Challenge. Photo by Joey Pasaoa.

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